Surfinia Summer Double™

  • Perfect for gardens and hanging baskets
  • Superior plant habit and performance
  • Flowers from spring to autumn

Botanical name

Petunia hybrid


Flowers for long periods - Spring, Summer and Autumn.


Surfinia® Summer Double™ plants will provide a bold splash of colour, either in your garden or in beautiful decorative pots or hanging baskets. Quick growing to a height of approximately 30-40cm and up to 1.0-1.2m in diameter.


Fantastic as a ground cover or for use in large (400mm+) decorative pots for a stunning splash of colour.


Performs best in a full sun position.


Surfina® Summer Double™ plants are very hardy. In dry conditions they grow well, even if watered sparingly. Plant in a well drained organically rich soil. Prune when needed to maintain shape and promote flowering. Will tolerate light frosts.


For continual good health and growth, use a controlled slow release fertiliser.