• Flower during winter
  • Vibrant flower colours
  • Re-blooms after pruning!

Botanical name

Pericallus hybrid


Early autumn to late spring in warmer climates.


Senetti plants have an upright habit. They are perennial and will re-bloom; these traits make Senetti very unique compared to similar plants in the market.


Senetti plants are perfect for adding winter colour to your garden. Their prolific flowering nature makes them an ideal choice for adding large splashes of colour right throughout winter.


Senetti plants perform best when exposed to full sun conditions.


Being a perennial, Senetti will last indefinitely in your garden. However, Senetti is very unforgiving if soil moisture remains low for extended periods. When growing in pots, use a well drained, organically rich potting mix. Do not allow plants to dry out. Water adequately but not excessively if planted in the ground. For best results when growing in containers, keep plants slightly moist.

After flowering has finished, prune the plant to half its height, and apply a fertiliser high in nitrogen. After about six weeks you will have more flowers appearing! Well done you :)


Due to the large amount of flowers produced by Senetti plants, they require a regular application of fertiliser. When growing in containers, use a controlled release fertiliser for flowering plants; for plants growing in the ground apply a liquid fertiliser monthly.