• National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Beautiful Mother's Day gift
  • Available in three shades of Pink

Botanical name

Euphorbia interspecific hybrid


Natural flowering will occur late autumn/early winter. Princettia is available for Mother's Day, again in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month), and finally around late November in time for Christmas.


Will grow to approximately 1.0m in height.


As a gift for friend or family, while at the same time supporting the fight against breast cancer. Oasis Horticulture donates $0.50 from the sale of every Princettia to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Already over $130,000 has been raised!

Princettia is a beautiful feature plant when grown in a decorative pot (250-300mm), or for autumn/winter colour in your garden.


Princettia plants prefer about six hours of indirect sunlight each day. Protect from hot wind if Princettia is positioned near a window in your home.


For growing in pots, use a good quality, well drainedpotting mix, that contains fertiliser. Do not allow plants to dry out. Prune plants after flowering to maintain shape and promote new flowers. Fertilise after flowering with abalanced, all-purpose fertiliser. Do not exposeplants to frost.