Million Bells®

  • Largest colour range on the market
  • Excellent garden performance
  • Easy care

Botanical name

Calibrachoa hybrid


Early spring to late autumn in warmer climates.


Million Bells® plants have either a mounding or trailing habit.


Million Bells® come in three types. BOUQUET varieties are perfect for front of garden where heaps of colour is required. MOUNDING varieties have a slightly spreading habit which is ideal for covering garden edges or the top of garden walls. TRAILING varieties are true ground covers, perfect for spreading right out over the garden and creating a carpet of colour.


Million Bells® perform best when exposed to full sun conditions.


Being a tender perennial, Million Bells® will last indefinitely in your garden. However, Million Bells® are very unforgiving if soil moisture remains low for extended periods, and/or exposed to frost. When growing in pots, use a well drained, organically rich potting mix. Do not allow plants to dry out. Water adequately but not excessively if planted in the ground. For best results when growing in containers, keep plants slightly moist. Pruning or pinching is not necessary as Million Bells® are self-cleaning!


Due to the large amount of flowers produced by Million Bells®, they require a regular application of fertiliser. Use a high-nitrogen fertiliser. For plants growing in containers, apply fertiliser every two weeks; for plants growing in the ground apply fertiliser every four weeks during the growing season.