• Autumn/winter flowering
  • Extraordinary trailing habit
  • Very prolific flowering

Botanical name

Viola cornuta


Early autumn to late spring in warmer climates


Friolina® plants have a highly branched, trailing habit, and have a much more robust structure than similar plants in the market. The ability of Friolina® to produce a highly branched habit allows Friolina® to produce many flowers. This makes Friolina® very unique.


Native to the Pyrenees, Friolina® plants very tolerant to both hot and cold conditions, making them perfect for hanging baskets, patio containers, window boxes and landscape use. Friolina® plants are ideal as a ground cover, and are arguably have the best trailing habit of its type in the market.


Friolina® plants perform best when exposed to partial or full sun conditions.


When growing in pots, use a well drained, organically rich potting mix. Do not allow plants to dry out. Water adequately but not excessively if planted in the ground. In containers, keep plants slightly moist. Pruning or pinching is not necessary as Friolina are self-cleaning!


Due to the large amount of flowers produced by Friolina® plants, they require a regular application of fertiliser. Use a high-nitrogen fertiliser. For plants growing in containers, apply fertiliser every two weeks; for plants growing in the ground, apply fertiliser monthly.