Angel Earrings™

  • Uncanny tolerance to hot summer temperatures
  • Ideal for hanging baskets
  • Literally hundreds of flowers every season

Botanical name

Fuchsia x hybrida


Spring to autumn.


Angel Earrings™ plants will provide a living bouquet of flowers, either in your garden or in beautiful decorative pots or hanging baskets. Quick growing to a height of approximately 50cm within the first season.


Perfect for hanging baskets, decorative pots, or front of garden.


Performs best when grown under partial to full sun conditions. Angel Earrings™ plants tolerate hight summer temperatures!


Unlike traditional Fuchsia varieties, Angel Earrings™ plants do not require pruning, due to their naturally compact habit, and self-cleaning ability. Use a well drained organically rich potting mix. Water regularly during warm weather. Do not allow to dry out. Tolerates light frost.


For continual good health and growth, use a controlled slow release fertiliser.