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Colourwave Continues to Grow at a Rapid Rate

Published on September 13th, 2012

For almost 20 years, since its introduction in spring 1994, Colourwave® has become trusted and sort after with Australian gardeners, and professional landscapers alike, when it comes to adding seasonal colour to our homes and gardens. From spring 2012, Co read more

Colourwave plants have always strived to be the very best in their class. Some of the original Surfinia (petunia) varieties are still being enjoyed today, almost 20 years later! Surfinia redesigned what’s achievable with Petunia, with their amazing resilience to cool temperatures and heavy summer rains (which were common 20 years ago!). Surfinia quickly became a household name throughout Europe, and in many other countries around the world. The hybrids developed by Bonza Botanicals share the same commitment to quality and performance, and hence deserve their place in the Colourwave assortment. The assortment now comprises 13 different genera, totalling 104 varieties. This season, Colourwave will be testing a further 36 varieties, including 5 new genera. So the process of testing, selection and introduction is by no means slowing down, in fact the investment in R&D is at record highs, which is good news for both retailers and consumers who are enjoying the Colourwave journey. You can check out the Colourwave assortment at, or find us on Facebook and YouTube. Colourwave® is a registered trade mark of Suntory Flowers Ltd.

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