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Grandessa, the grand daisy, wows with super-sized flowers

Published on March 21st, 2018

Announcing the release of GRANDESSA; the largest flower in its class, with bright, beautiful flowers up to an impressive 10cm in diameter. read more

Highly advanced breeding techniques have resulted in a unique flower more than twice the size of a standard Argyranthemum (daisy). Bred in Australia for Australian conditions, Grandessa produces big, bold and beautiful flowers in four stunning colours: red, yellow, white and sunset. Dr Andrew Bernuetz is the Australian breeder who spent almost 20 years developing the Grandessa Argyranthemum daisy here in Australia. “I am very pleased with the final result of the current breeding, particularly as this daisy is more heat-tolerant, has strong flower colours with an attractive contrasting eye, is easy to grow and different to any current daisy available in the Australian market,” said Dr Bernuetz. Grandessa has something for everyone. Retail nurseries can count on high-impact retail displays of spectacular colour and the super-sized flowers to draw customer interest. Colour-coordinated premium pots provide an extra irresistible touch – perfect as an impulsive grab-and-go decorator item for the patio. Consumers can instantly transform their patios, balconies or gardens with bright, long-lasting colour. And for landscapers – just a few plants cover a large area, proving an economical choice that will delight any customer. The vibrant new Grandessa range is available wherever quality plants are sold.

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