• Perform best under full sun
  • Great flowering ground cover
  • Easy care

Botanical name

Verbena hybrid


Early spring to late autumn in warmer climates.


Tapien® plants have a spreading habit, and are much more resilient to certain pests, such as powdery mildew, compared to similar plants on the market.


Tapien® plants are the perfect plant if you wish to roll out a carpet of colour over your garden. Tapien plants are commonly referred to as 'ground covers', so they will grow and spread over the ground, producing additional roots every few centimeters that are crucial in supplying water to all parts of the plant. It's not uncommon to see so many flowers on Tapien plants that the leaves are almost invisible!


Tapien® plants perform best when exposed to full sun conditions.


When growing in pots, use a well drained, organically rich potting mix. Do not allow plants to dry out. Water adequately but not excessively if planted in the ground. For best results when growing in containers, keep plants slightly moist. Pruning or pinching is not necessary as Tapien® plants are self-cleaning! Due to the large amount of flowers produced by Tapien® plants, they require a regular application of fertiliser. Use a high-nitrogen fertiliser. For plants growing in containers, apply fertiliser every two weeks; for plants growing in the ground apply fertiliser monthly.