• Only grows to 1m!
  • Ideal for low hedging
  • Very tough once established

Botanical name

Bougainvillea x buttiana


Constantly from spring to late summer.


Sundevillea™ plants are perennial, and develop a very dense habit, which in turn allows the plant to produce a huge amount of flowers throughout summer.


Sundevillea™ plants are a completely new type of Bougainvillea in that they only grow to approximately 1 metre in height! This very unique growth habit allows you to use Sundevillea™ as a shrub that will add a huge amount of tropical colour to your summer garden.


Sundevillea™ plants really enjoy the heat and bright sunshine of summer.


Use a well drained organically rich potting mix. Water regularly - do not allow to dry out. Prune to maintain shape of plant and to promote new growth. Frost hardy once established.


For continual good health and growth use a controlled slow release fertiliser.