• Easy care
  • Australia native
  • Excellent performance
  • Outstanding longevity

Botanical name

Brachyscome hybrid


Bonstar™ plants are Australian natives, and flower prolificly from early in the season. Even under the harsh Australian summer, Bonstar™ will produce and amazing display of wildflowers, even under slightly dry conditions.


Super compact habit, that eliminates the need for regular pruning. The highly branched habit, is what makes Bonstar™ unique.


Bonstar™ are perfect for front of garden displays, with both native gardens, and when used in traditional garden designs. The tidy habit of Bonstar™ makes it them suitable as garden borders, where a small but prolific flowering plant is required. Also suitable for hanging baskets.


Bonstar™ plants perform best when grown under full sun. Will tolerate light frosts. Avoid planting in permanently moist areas of the garden.


Apart from a light feed in spring.....absolutely nothing! Totally independent when planted in the right spot.


A light feed with a native plant fertiliser during spring will help keep your plants healthy.